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4/05/2021 4 May 2021 - Council meeting
[Collapse]1. Meeting conduct
  1 Apologies
  2 Public forum
  3 Items not on the agenda
  4 Conflict of interest
  5 Minutes for receiving and confirmation
[Collapse]2. Governance, Planning and Strategy
  1 Greenhouse Gases Reduction Plan 
  2 Determination to revoke Standards of Camping on Private Property Bylaw 
  3 Response to High Court Decision Following the Judicial Review of Council’s Decision on the LGNZ Leaders’ Climate Change Declaration 
[Collapse]3. Infrastructure
  1 Drinking Water Standards Upgrades
  2 Out of Cycle Budget Request for Storm Damage Response and Reinstatement
[Collapse]4. Economic Development
  1 Information Centres (Coromandel Town, Tairua, Pauanui and Whangamatā) waiver of requirement for audited accounts
  2 Thames and Surrounds Spatial Plan – Strategic and Economic Business Case next steps
[Collapse]5. Property
  1 Land Disposal - Thames
[Collapse]6. Governance and Management Updates
  1 Chief Executive report 
[Collapse]7. Reports
  1 Members' Reports
  2 Report to Exclude the Public
[Collapse]8. Public Excluded
  1 Public Excluded minutes for receiving and confirmation
  2 Road stopping and disposal – 260 Sailors Grave Road, Tairua
  3 Proposed Land Purchase - Mercury Bay
  4 Tairua Skate Park Update